Food Is The Next Frontier

The world is far from ideal and lots of challenges are clamoring to be solved. A trouble that must be the number one priority is food-waste control.

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization record, one-third of food produced for human consumption is wasted. That quantities to a big 1.Three billion tonnes in line with year. On the opposite aspect as in keeping with the Food Aid Foundation, 795 million people go hungry and undernourished. That involves 12.Nine% of the arena populace.

When we communicate approximately innovation and changing the popularity quo, can these obtrusive numbers be overlooked?

The distance between the produce and the purchasers is a prime motive in the back of a large amount of meals wastage. Agriculture is a rural pastime and calls for open farms for cultivating the vegetation. But customers are clustered in cities.

Sometimes crop yield must journey thousands of kilometers earlier than arriving at the retail shelves. Food is a perishable item and a big component turns into unfit for intake before achieving the destination. Refrigerated motors was an top notch innovation to cope with this trouble. But refrigeration in movement is a pricey proposition and not cheap for growing and third-world countries. Ironically, they need it the most.

To solve this problem, startups are transferring farm sports closer to the consumers.

Innovative Solution 1: Hydroponics

We continually assumed that farming wishes land and open farms. But twenty first-century startups are tough this assumption. They are the use of hydroponics farming which doesn’t need soil.

These indoor hydroponic farms are installed in the direction of the town facilities. The vitamins are fed to the growing crop through trickling water rich with nourishment. That’s why the name, hydroponics. In the entire absence of daylight, the mild is furnished by way of LED bulbs.

This technique requires most effective a fraction of water, about 5% compared to the traditional farming techniques. Startups businesses like ‘Aerofarm’ and ‘Plenty’ also are using technologies inclusive of synthetic intelligence, machine getting to know and massive information technological know-how to enhance productiveness and the crop yield. These crops are also healthier and enriched with more nutrients.

Innovative Solution 2: Food Tracking

Many times food takes extra time to attain the destination than deliberate. It can be because of automobile failure, bad climate, or maybe nearby strikes and different reasons.

Hydroponics is in its early days. Its share within the international meals these days is minuscule. A big quantity of crops and ingredients perish inside the transit. To solve this hassle, the innovators are applying Radio frequency identity (RFID) tags, or RFID era.

This technology is used for tracking garb stock within the style enterprise. Airlines use those RFID tags to music bags. Now it’s miles adapted to music the food in inventory and transit.

With RFID tags we understand where the food is. We can determine if it’ll reach the destination in consumable shape or now not. If the transit takes an extended time then planned, meals adventure may be curtailed. The meals may be sold in the nearby grocery markets at a reduced fee, or we can percentage it with the needy human beings.